Secret Donut Recipe


This story of how I found this great donut recipe...

Just look how easy our secret donut recipe is...

  1. It only uses seven ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

  2. It only takes a fry pan with a half inch of oil to cook your donuts.

  3. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

  4. The recipe costs about $1 to make.

If you thought the only way to get a great donut was to wait in line, it's time you start making your own!

My father, a chef for over 35 years, kept telling me about a donut shop in a small town next to the one he grew up in. As a teenager, it was the desired stop for the bus after a basketball game! The bus driver would agree to drive over 20 minutes out of the way to allow them to pile into the shop and each order a baker's dozen to go! When I married my wife, she was telling me about this incredible donut shop owned by a sweet couple near her house where she grew up! She ranted about how incredible these soft moist donuts were. As a child growing up she would save her change from lunch so that she could buy one donut to eat on her way walking home. I had to try them.

As I walked into the donut shop that looked like it had been frozen in time, the sweet aroma of sugar and donuts hit met. I twirled on the red leather stool and ordered one of each kind: glazed, chocolate glazed and one with sprinkles. My father and wife were right! These were the best donuts I had ever tasted in my life. Every time we drove near this town we would stop at the donut shop for a dozen to go. The same family had been running this shop for over 60 years and nothing much had changed! When we moved away, I craved those donuts. Nothing commercial that was produced even came close.

An idea was born...

I decided that I had lived long enough without this decadent treat. I called my father and told him that I needed his skills in being a chef to figure out the secret recipe of these heavenly donuts.

First we tried searching recipe books: YUCK! Nothing even came close to the taste and some ingredients were just too difficult to find or really expensive to buy.

Next we spend time searching every internet recipe that existed but most all were extremely complicated and although my father is a renowned chef - my cooking skills are basic. I wanted a real recipe! One that could be done in the time it takes to drive and get good donuts.

The perfect donut recipe...

We started creating our own. We kept perfecting the the delight of next-door neighbors who would receive the extras! Batch after batch we produced until finally one day, we stumbled upon the exact same taste that we both agreed was the best donut we had ever tasted!

Why do we love this recipe? It takes us less time to make these donuts (20 minutes) than it does to drive into town to buy them. It involves only 7 ingredients that most everyone has in their pantries and these donuts are SO MOIST that they taste just as good the second day if they even last that long. The recipe costs less than a dollar to make!

We had stumbled upon perfection. We finally had a quick, perfect moist donut every time. All the neighbors around us agreed that it was the best recipe. They tried convincing us to open a donut shop in our town but I believe to do these donuts justice, they would have to be eaten on a red leather twirling stool in an old-fashioned donut shop. Instead, we are passing on our hard-earned secret to you. We have included all the glaze recipes for you as well.

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